South Hobart Community Centre

South Hobart Community Centre Exterior


The South Hobart Community Centre has been completely renovated with generous grants from both the Tasmanian Community Fund and The City of Hobart.  It re-opened in July 2020.  The Association is most grateful for the support of these two institutions.  The Suburb now has a magnificent Centre which will cater to the needs of an ever-widening group of individuals and local groups.

The Association operates the South Hobart Community Centre, which is available for hire for various functions. The Centre Manager, Emma Gunn, can be contacted by email at: @email for enquiries.  Please be aware that the  Association runs the Centre on a voluntary basis and while every attempt will be made to answer queries and bookings in a timely manner an immediate response should not be expected.

The Community Centre is at 42 D’Arcy Street, South Hobart, and may be accessed through the D'Arcy Street playground.

The Centre has air-conditioning, a toilet, a kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator and a Zip boiling water unit. It also has folding tables and stackable chairs available for use. There are glass doors which open to a covered outside area facing towards the playground. 

Hall Hiring Charges:

The cost of hiring the Centre is $25 per hour for casual bookings and $15 per hour for those making a recurrent weekly or monthly booking.

Bookings may be made by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page.  Before booking, please check the Bookings Calendar for availability and allow 30 minutes between bookings for change-over. (To see the time of  existing bookings on a particular date, click on the date number e.g. to see the times booked on 4 August click on the number "4" on the calendar). 

Note that the hire agreements must be consented to at the time of booking. Consent is indicated by ticking the box on the booking form. 

If you do not get a response to an on-line booking within 48 hours, please email the Bookings Manager at the email address above.

Because of the location of the Centre in a residential area, the Centre may not be hired for a teenage or twenty-first party. There is also a finish time of 10pm for any evening function.

Please note:  Covid density limits have now been lifted but please take note of any updated Public Health announcement in respect of Covid restrictions