Beneath the Mountain - A History of South Hobart

Nestled in the foothills of Mt. Wellington, South Hobart is the first true suburb of Hobart, Tasmania.  Perhaps perversely, South Hobart cannot be said to be strictly “south” of any major reference point: the suburb cannot be easily pigeon-holed.  South Hobart has its own definite character and sense of community.

South Hobart is a beautiful location for quiet family living. The suburb features a variety of attractions including public gardens, walks, places of historical interest, a wealth of heritage buildings, plus sporting and educational facilities. Read more of South Hobart’s local history.

The South Hobart Progress Association Inc. was established to provide a forum of expression and opinion for the residents of South Hobart with the intent of conveying those opinions to local, State and Commonwealth governments in matters of local interest. The Association also exists to chart a vision for the suburb in several key respects, including planning, conservation, community connection, and local events. Read more about the South Hobart Progress Association, or review the SHPA Constitution for a comprehensive explanation of our charter.

Membership of the Association is available to all residents of the suburb over eighteen years. Visit our Membership Page to become a financial member online or complete a Membership Application Form which is available from the South Hobart Post Office.

Monthly meetings  of the Association, which are open to the public, are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm (excepting December and January) in the South Hobart Community Hall.

The South Hobart Progress Association distributes a monthly newsletter. Visit our Newsletter Archive for the latest issue and previous back issues. (The Newsletter also accepts advertising, space permitting.)

Do you have a question or feedback? Please contact the Association.